See how we built an 'all networks' airtime shop in WhatsApp with the demo below

{Duo, Signal and Telegram coming soon too}

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Streamlined top ups with WhatsApp.

Why do in 7 steps what you can do in 2?

Don't you just hate having to memorise weird USSD shortcodes and paybills?

Always afraid you might send the money to the wrong place by accident?

What about when you're abroad and the only money you've got is on your VISA card?

We feel you! We hate it too!

That's exactly why we invented WhatsTopApp!

Topping up should be as smooth and simple as sending your best friend a chat.

It shouldn't matter what network you're on, what mobile money wallet you've got, or even what country you're in!

Well now it is! 

Top up any network, anywhere with just two steps in WhatsApp.

Pay with MPESA, Fuliza. All mobile money platforms coming soon.

Make our technology your latest chat buddy!

Click here to try it.

Anytime you want airtime, just chat it how much.

It will detect your network, your carrier will then prompt you for your mobile money pin and presto!

It's a lot smarter than just that too, but we'll let you find out the rest for yourself. ;-) :-)

Don't take our word, try it!

We are sure you'll love it!

Disclaimer: WhatsTopApp is an independent 'WhatsApp for business' merchant not owned or affiliated with WhatsApp Inc.


Smart bot.

Speaks plain English. 
More languages on the way.
Memorizes friends names and phone numbers (transfer by name) & more.

Smart detection.

Autodetect and top up any local network, Airtel, Safaricom, Telkom or Faiba.
Auto detect and top up temporary numbers on international networks when roaming.

Smart transfers.

Input your friends numbers instead of yours to send them airtime.
Set up scheduled airtime transfers for your, employees, dependents or loved ones.

Smart merchant.

No float
No vouchers
No receipt paper
Any amount
All networks


What does this App actually do?

WhatsTopApp lets you top up any line, in any country with a simple whatsapp chat instruction to a smart bot.

No more looking for the agents of exotic networks.

No more loading up with small denomination scratch cards.

No more getting stranded even when you don't have MPESA or USSD credits.

How does it all work?

A demo says a thousand words.

Click here to try it for yourself.

Send the pre-written message you will see in your WhatsApp.

Follow the instructions the chat bot returns.


How often are there updates to the App?

Because all you need to do, to use this service is join our service by accessing our bot here, you will never have to worry about installation or updates.

But, we are only getting started!

You bet we will be bringing you amazing new and convenient services on this channel.

Our bot will update you everytime we deploy something new!

Does it cost me anything?


WhatsTopApp is 100% free to you the user.

We make our money selling airtime.

When we introduce premium products, we will always inform you before you use them of any charges we apply.

In the meantime, do your fingers a favour and enjoy our free service!

What if I want my own WhatsApp chat shop?

We get it.

Building chat shops from scratch is hard.

WhatsApp verification and approval processes. Language processing chatbot. Shopping carts. Stock control databases. Mobile payments integration. Card payments integration. Accounting package connection. It's a lot of work.

But why reinvent the wheel?

Commission your own bespoke, branded WhatsApp chat shop from WhatsTopApp.

Cut your WhatsApp channel development risk. Reduce your time to market. Integrate to your legacy web sites and systems.

Sounds good, how do I get in touch?


Click this link.

It will open your WhatsApp chat with the preformatted message 'make me a top merchant'.

Press send and follow the instructions from the chat bot.

We will get in touch with you.

Incidentally, every bespoke WhatsApp chat shop that we build gets its own MPESA mobile money till, VISA card processing merchant account, card-to-mobile money payments processing, interfacing to the post popular accounting packages e.g. SAGE and Quickbooks and airtime sales on checkout revenue channel all built in.


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